Enjoy the happiness with bob and pinky is a mixed medium project for my MFA degree.

This project starts from my fascination of the subculture of the china. With the rapid development of economic and population, Medium is still in charge by the Chinese government.  The medium is saturated with the floating, unorganized fragment of variety sub-culture sign. It is mystery cuz you can't go any deeper to penetrate the surface of those sign. they are dumped by the main-stream medium but are enjoying by majority of the population. 

It is a group, not a single movement. 

I start from the most basic space, object, and ideal----A open public square. Bob and pinky is one of kind of the square entertainment which is popular in majority of small city. 

During the exhibition, audience is welcome to play the animal with using of real quarter. I made a vending machine based on Laundry detergent vending machine. and put coin acceptor to remote trigger the animal. the time limit and money depends on the location of showing. The endless trade into the money for the happiness is the main preset of this project, What is the real happiness? What brings you happy?


installation shot

installation shot